Close your eyes

Close your eyes .

I can’t be with you today, but if you close your eyes and think ;I’ll be beside you in the kitchen wearing your shirt – standing by the sink .

I’ll be with you in the bedroom waiting quietly on your bed ;I’ll smile at you playfully as I let you brush my teeth .

I’ll be your light in the darkness, shining steady through and through; you only have to watch it glow to know I think of you .

I’ll be the music that you listen to, I’ll be there in every song :I’ll laugh with you and sing with you, and comfort you when your day’s gone wrong .

I’ll be the wind that ruffles your hair, I’ll be that warm embrace ;I’ll be the hand on your shoulder, I’ll be the tender touch on your face .

I’ll be the clock gently ticking, reminding you of the times ; We’ve shut the rest of the world outside .We’re in our own world – yours and mine .

I’ll be the moon as it dances on the water cold and still; For I have loved you always and I know I always will .

Though you may not see me physically as you live your life today; .Just close your eyes and think of me .I will not be far away .

Love you paratjie


xoxo Pikkie


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