Love  has no words .you’re hurting me through the things you say .It’s all cutting through me like swords .I’m always the one standing in your way .

Daddy where where’s a day you express your feelings in a hug ?Sometimes when you say you love me just to get coffee .Some of my tear drops fell in you mug .Why can’t you just love me ?

There’s days I want to feel loved by you Daddy .But years are passing ,I am getting older .Daddy you’re getting bolder .

Sometimes when you yell at me ,in disgrace .I can feel my heart-break .I can see it on your face .I can’t say sorry not even a word ..

It’s hard to say I love As I have never heard it from you .I’ve been hurt so many times .You were never there to hear my necessary rhymes .

When last did you spend time with me ?When last did we just had a talk.Daddy I just want you to see .The world is beautiful .When last did we take a walk ?

Daddy the things you say ..Is hurting me ..It hurts me in more than one way.Whan last were you proud of me ?My reflection …It was never what you want it to be .

My heart is breaking .Or just lost in the sea .Daddy , just like your love , is lost in me .


Written by : Pikkie


4 thoughts on “Daddy

  1. I read your poem “Daddy” and it was heartbreaking. As the father of four (two boys & two beautiful daughters), I can say that such a father has missed one of life’s greatest joys. I believe that every child is an incredible gift, that should be cherished. As I looked at other things on your site, I could see that you have an open and expressive heart, and such a heart should be treasured. I hope that you will continue to discover that regardless of whether it’s appreciated, you have things within you that are beautiful and completely unique; and I pray that you would continue to bring them to life. God bless you.

    • You just sound like a wonderfull father .and thank you so much for bringing a smile on my face for today .I just want to open up other fathers’s eys who have children wether it’s boys or girls to love they children .And how little things they do effect them later in life .May you have a blessed life .And yet again I just want to say thank you . :’-)

  2. there’s the stereotypical mother father relationship that my mentor told me about before. Mothers are the kind understanding ones, while fathers are the strict ones. Ugh this is sad 😦

    unfortunately, this sorta applies to my mother hahaha. Mother wears the pants :3

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