When …


Have you ever messed up your life?Ever wondered why ?When ever you think of it, all you want to do is cry .

When the rollercoaster is not fun any more.And life threads becomes a bore .What do end up living for ?

When things don’t matter enough.Emotions starts running wild .When all of the stuff gets tough .Just remember inside you’re still just a child .

When you are too afraid to look back .Too afraid it just might be in front of you .When you know you are on the wrong track.And no clouds appear blue ..

When you fear of being alone .No-one to just hold your hand .For when you fall, to just help you stand tall .


Written by : Pikkie


2 thoughts on “When …

  1. when every thing is bleak concentrate on now and God. believe me every thing falls in place. if you try to improve your now and have blind faith and love for God.

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