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Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy ?


Have you ever notice whenever a young girl and an older man crossed the street , how every body just start to whisper ,stare ,laugh ?It’s fun isn’t it ?Something new to talk about and to debate about ,other than one of your classmates bad hair day . But what happens when that person is you ?

Does age really matter ?When you are a 21-year-old girl and you are dating a 21-year-old boy , to some they might seem childish, unexperienced, not achieved much in life and the list goes on and on .

Well I think if you are happy and he makes you happy, why is age such a big of a deal to others ?

I went on a search why younger girls date older men and this is what I have found .Quite interesting .

1. ”

I am currently dating an older guy, but it’s not because he can drive [and it wasn’t when I didn’t have my license either]. I lean toward older guys because I find that teenage guys, or younger guys/guys my age, are, as a whole, rather immature. also, they are very “bros before hos.” now, I don’t mean to say that one should ignore their friends completely, but there comes a time in your life when your significant other is more important than your retarded friends.

for example: my ex boyfriend was only a month older than me, but he was very into his friends and video games [and drugs] and not me. a healthy balance between friends and your girlfriend is important, and a lot of times, younger guys don’t get that/can’t do that.

frankly, i think that older guys have a better understanding of what girls want; they’ve had more experience and have made more mistakes, and therefore know what to do and what not to do. they also have a better appreciation for the sweet things their girlfriends do, because they have either had shitty girlfriends or have had girls get mad at them for not being grateful.

it’s a trial and error thing. they have tried, and erred, and are the better for it. experience. it all boils down to experience.”

comments :

  • but all those older guys had to be young and foolish too, so really the young guys are simply “training” for the future so to speak lol. I can get what you all mean about young guys being immature. (generally speaking) however I am only 14, technically a child, but I have been going out with the same girl for 7 months, have a deep love for her and show her this in affectionate ways. the stereotype annoys me because i make time for her, i care for her, i protect her, i listen, i do everything that shows i love and care. so it’s not very nice being compared to most guys who sadly do act awfully around girls.I would consider myself mature and a lot older looking (I get mistaken for an adult, get served in bars etc. . .) im 14 had to shave from 2 years ago, lift weights so don’t have the skinny appearance of most guys my age and also i care about my appearance and am reasonably intellectual and considerate. . . so maybe this shows why i have been lucky, because of appearing older etc. . :
    that guyby that guy on July 20th, 2008
  • right.
    i understand that.
    some guys are like that (like I said, as a whole, not ALL OF THEM… just in general). I’m not trying to personally offend you, i am just answering the question using my experience and my opinion.
  • that’s great that you appreciate your girlfriend… don’t ever lose that appreciation for her…
    you’re ahead of the curve!

  • by cupcakexcutie on July 20th, 2008
    • lol thanks, I really should have posted that as an answer than a comment. . . if only I could write that much for an essay question it would get me somewhere .. 😉 I hope i never mistreat her, but due to me being male it seems inevitable that i somehow will, lol,i do wish most lads would wise up about relationship related issues but it seems that the inner child can sometimes never be outgrown by some. ..:(
      that guyby that guy on July 20th, 2008
    • either that or girls expect to much.
      it’s give and take.
    • by cupcakexcutie on July 20th, 2008

    2. ”

    Different people have different tastes. A lot of teenage boys like older women. Also, a lot of teenage girls like teenage boys, and visa-vera. You may just have a unique perspective.”

    3. ” have learned older guys have more respect for girls, and older guys are more mature .”


    I’m a teenage girl myself and I can tell you that, the guys that run around the lunch area,scream/yell,throw things, and consistently talk about getting into a girls pants is NOTHING a girl wants. We want security,independence, and comfortability. I have dated guys my own age, and I can’t seem to find much of that in the ones I have dated. The have yet to figure out that girls strive to be treated like a lady, and they are clueless to the fact that sex is not the only thing in the teenage girls mind(though, i know it is on MANY a girl’s mind,that is no lie) But older men seem to have more experience in the world an know from past experiences how girls like to be treated. Though there are the older guys that have yet to awaken to that fact also. But, a thing to always watch with a guy, younger or same age or older, is the sex. He may be able to treat you right, but there is no doubt sex is most likely on his mind at least 30% of the time. Not say that they will push you to sleep with them, though some will, but after a while MOST of the guys get tired try to wait for it. But I still go for the older guys, at least they don’t act like TOTAL asses in front of me..”

    5. ”

    It’s an animal attraction thing. Girls like older guys, guys like younger girls. Some scientists will give you a great big spiel about women and fertility and men and being powerful enough to look after a family.

    When you hit 21, 16yr olds look absolutely gorgeous. When you’re in your thirties, girls in their twenties look ten times better than they did before. You think, “How come there are only one or two beauties in my class but so many in older / younger classes?” Your brain is wired that way.

    Yes it did annoy me when the most gorgeous girls in class were taken by older men but luckily I don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

    6. ”

    I don’t think, in my case at least, that the car always makes or breaks the fact that teenage girls like older guys. I’m 18 and my girlfriend is 14. I get a lot of bad looks and words from people because of our ages, but like I’ve told everyone, we understand each other completely and we have a lot in common. She says that she doesn’t like any of the boys in her class and I would have to say the same about the girls in my class. Our relationship is based on understanding mainly as I said and she is very mature for a 14-year-old so we feel comfortable around each other even though others look down upon it, including my parents.”

    7. ”

    i agree with all of the answers previously, girls really do mature much faster than guys do. girls like guys to act more mature like us girls. We don’t feel that younger guys are quite on the same page as us.”

    8. ”its because we know how to treat them right i am 48 and i always try and date teenage girls in fact i am looking for one now i am seperated and have a good job , and also they appreciate a older guy wanting them rather than just a young guy shagging them i am not condoning younger guys as i was young too and i did exactly that but i grew up and learned more about women so i will keep looking you never know some teenage girls might be on here looking for someone like me x ”

    • Going by your other question, that one that mentions just wanting to sleep with all the teenage girls you can find, I’m not inclined to believe you know how to treat them at all. Using them for sex isn’t treating them right.
      Anonymousby Anonymous on November 23rd, 2008

    Well that is just a few .Of course there were a lot of negative ones .I agree with some of the answers I got and yet again with some I don’t agree .‘deal

    My aunt met my uncle when she was fifteen and the age difference between them is more than 25 years she is going for her forties now ,they are still happily married .Yeah they had their ups and downs and differences .

    The thing is that a lot don’t understand at all is : Yes you do have to make sacrifices and yes you have to deal with the gossip and stares and yes you have to deal with the no’s and he is to old for you speeches or a ‘What were you thinking ,did you want a father ?’

    It all comes down to : If he makes you happy and if he is happy with you .That you have an understanding relationship .Trust is a big link as well in a relationship .That you can see yourselves together in the future .That you will make it through all of the negative stuff together and enjoying the positive with no one other than that person .

    A lot of people say that They ‘THINK’ this is the reason young girls date older men .They don’t know what they are talking about untill they have been there themselves .

    And yes teenage girls do date older guys/men , but they date them for the wrong reasons .Most of them is just for the sex ,money ,car , house and security ect .It’s not about all of that .They give the other girls that truly love their ‘older’ partners a bad name .And it’s not just the girls dating older men ,it’s also men dating older woman .

    So before laughing , teasing , gossiping , staring at the couple .Think twice 😉



    Think about what you have just read .Leave a comment about what you think is right or wrong , or just what you think of the whole ‘deal’ .

    XOXO Pikkie 😉


    7 thoughts on “age ????

    1. AGE? really matters for those who takes up relationship for fun…

      when you build up a relation with the combination of love, understanding and a bit of sacrifice from both the end, the AGE factor never plays its part…

    2. rydermiles :
      AGE? really matters for those who takes up relationship for fun…
      when you build up a relation with the combination of love, understanding and a bit of sacrifice from both the end, the AGE factor never plays its part…

    3. Well I’m 50 and I’d love to love someone regardless of age. The chemistry is what counts and the involves all facets of a relationship.
      BTW, love your blog..awesome idea.

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