The fire

The fire

Lying on the carpet .

With your arms around my waist .

Your eyes is a review mirror to my soul .

I can see the laughter .

I can see the pain .

I can see the happy ever after .

I can see the rain .

The fire in your eyes ,

tells a lot of stories .

The fire in our lives ,

represent a lot sories .

I look over your shoulder ,

to see the fire burning .

Burning all the troubles away .

I can feel the fire burning ,

And asking me to stay .

So here we are lying in front of the fire .

Waiting to feel warm .

Lying on the carpet .With a heart full of desire .

I look over your shoulder .

To see the fire playing a game .

You are still holding me ,

while gently the fire whispers my name .

Now I see the fire burning in your eyes .

I don’t dare looking over your shoulder .

I don’t want to miss this moment .

Lying on the carpet , feeling the heat .

Just listening to my heart , skipping that beat .

Written by : Pikkie


15 thoughts on “The fire

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