Jessica’s thoughts : Waiting for the text with your name .Spreading love in our game .My phone ringing .The love poem I’m singing .I see your name on my screen .I could not have been more happier .I sit and think of what the text might say ….”I love you , I miss you ,Cant wait to see you …”I know it will make me smile either way . I think about our first kiss .Makes me fall inlove all over again .I can’t think about my life without you .I think that I want to see you .But when .I’m sitting here with love in my eyes, wishing you could see me .Guessing you would act suprised .I hit the menu button , can’t wait to see .The ”lovey-Dovey” text addressed to me .I open the sealed with a kiss envelope icon .I saw your name ..Just as I thought  .

I open it ..And read ..

”  Hey can’t wait to see you .You know I love you so much dont you ?I can’t wait to have your babies and a home with you.I can’t wait for our future together ,knowing you’ll be mine forever.You’r eyes like a million skies ,Your hir in my face, and our warm embrace.I know you’re pregnant and can’t wait to be a dad .Not being there with you (Both now) makes me so sad .I love you annabelle …Just me .”

But wait …How can this be for my best friend ?This text was wrongly sent .How could he have guessed she’s pregnant ?He doesn’t know her yet .I wanted to introduce the two .Now I guess I have fallen for his game too.Sighned Jessica
Written by : Pikkie

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