The Passion

Place a subtle kiss on my lips .

While I seduce you with my hips.

Push me against the wall, feel the need in my body.

 Hear the lust in my voice.

If you take me here or now.

Its your choice… caress the parts your attracted to ,and don’t let go.

Tonight’s the night.

Let me put up a show.

I am letting my hair down.

Touch me , kiss me .

Slip away my gown. 

 I can’t control it anymore.

My heart is like shaking ships.

 It has come to shore.

I feel you underneath my fingertips.

I want you now even more.

Throw me on your bed.

Dim the lights. Shut up ,enough has been said.

 Come and enjoy the sight.

 I feel you all over.

I hear the voice inside.

Saying go a little slower.

It’s saying go ahead don’t hide.

 Hunny tonight’s the night.

I am letting go.

 I can see the passion.

I can feel the flow.

I am in action.

You pull me closer.

 I can feel your breath.

I see the burning fire.

 I know you feel my desire.

 There is no taming me.

I like to tantalize.

Who do you want me to be ?

 What’s wrong with fantasize?

I slowly close my eyes.

I can feel the attraction.

The strong obsession.

I want the lust.

 I want to play.

You start to fade away.

Just when I need you to stay.

Guess you had enough of this game, this parade.

 Thinking you have been played.

 Instead I was waiting for love yet to be made.


Written by : Pikkie



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