Aloha to all

Well it has been a very long time since I posted anything.

Allot of stuff was going on in my life these last couple of months . My status went from a serious relationship to almost single to engaged . I am very happy with my current status and will keep it that way. I also went for a opperation and so did my partner.I also lost all respect for my brother who used to be my hero since forever. I had a lot of family related problems and issues aswell. It was a rough time for us as well struggling with a lot of things . The past was one of them. The past was always one of them !!

A lot of us just wish for the past to stay in the past and just be able to move on, and that is never easy and I have learned that the hard way. So I am in a process of leaving it all behind because by doing that I am starting a new beginning an I know only good things will come with this experience. I also always had a lot of appearance issues and that seemed to get me down big time as I gained a lot of pounds and centimetres and I also didn’t give my appearance that much attention these days but I have been so busy.

That’s why I give all mothers credit for going to work , doing chores, keeping the whole family and still look good and have time for yourselves .That being said I want to thank my mom for being there through everything and holding my hand . I couldn’t ask for more. And if I did mom would be standing behind me and give me a tap on the shoulder saying : ”I’ll go help you looking for another”  🙂

So through all of these tough stuff I had to go through and suffering from severe depression I think I am finally seeing the end of the tunnel.And damn that warm fuzzy feeling is so darn good !!! 🙂

I am rediscovering myself and who I actually am. And I challenge some of you to do the same. I am going to (TRY) eat healthier , make some ”ME” time, working on my relationship and my future as well. So I would love to think no one else but God had this whole downhill trip planned for me, just so that I can work my way back to the top and be who I use to be before all of this, but even BETTER.

I would love to keep you guys updated on my journey aswell as my weight loss because I know there is a lot of people going through the same stuff as I AM AND i WANT THEM TO KNOW THAT THEY ARE NOT DOING IT ALONE .

So hopefully with all of this behind me , we are going to start a family. We are still planning and waiting for the right time . That’s where God comes in, he knows when. But while I am patiently waiting, I am going to take my life and turn it upside down before the real work comes .

So to everybody reading this, I would love to help with your problems! And if you just want to talk, I would be glad to listen .

All the best XOXO Pikkie


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