I am ”flu” with it !!

Got flu?

So here I am late at night reading my newest picked out and interesting novel for that fact, and it feels as if I can’t breathe. My throat is swollen I just can’t stop sneezing. Soooo it got me thinking.. I am just ‘flu’ with it !!!!!

I can’t even get to the second page of this darn interesting book. So I was awake for the most of the night wondering what might happen next in the book and also if I could feel any worse … So when I finally fell asleep hubby was up and went to shower. I mean who the hell showers at half past 12 right?

So in my head I thought to myself I am going to give hubby the kiss of his life (So he can get the flu , and that’s what I call revenge) just so that I can do that to him. He came out of the shower and yep I passed on the kiss. I mean how can I do it to him.. But the wheel is turning … So at this moment all I was thinking about is to just lie in his sexy arms and doze off .

By the time his sheep was already counted I could not even gather mine.. Finally I started counting and yes there goes the alarm!! What a night I thought ..And I was thinking if it could get any worse ? The answer is YES !! I felt horrible . My nose was all puffy. I hoped into the shower and after that I started doing my make up thinking I might look and feel better. Answer : NO!!!  SO GIRLS DON’T EVER RELY ON MAKE IF YOU LOOK PUFFY . Ever!!

So here I am sitting with a runny and puffy nose, a big headache and an aching body trying to get my bad day out there to all, just to remind them we are all just human. So hey enjoy those bad days. take the day off . Stay in bed ,watch gossip girl while sipping on soup. Get in those long-lost beauty rest. And remember leave the make up off coz the people who loves you don’t care and will tell you ,you look you’re best without any make up on. Now that’s what will get you feeling better in no time.

Basicly all I am trying to say is I love my hubby to bits for the person he is on the inside, and to all the sick people blogg’en and read’en get well soon and you are BEAUTIFULL!!!

Love you all XOXO Pikkie


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