New year !!!

The 'lil white dot.... yap thats me

Meirings poort South Africa

Wow to think another year has past ?? And what can we take with us to the new year ??If you havent thought about it you may take one of mine wich is the following :

Forgive and forget… Arent we just tired of holding grudges and living this mad and sad life.

Smile… Goodness it doesn’t cost a thing does it ?? What more can I say ??

Never plan too far ahead.. You never know what might happen in between.

Just let go… Now I love this one !1 Let go of : Your fears, your heart ache, yourself, extra baggage ,people that drag you down.And the rest to let go of is for you to decide

Meet new people…. No not a potential person you can cheat with ,just new people you would like to be friends with. Some one you can talk and listen to.

Individuality… Get to know yourself. Take a serious ME-TIME.

Biggest is Love ,Honor ,Respect ,Believe ,Hope… Well I don’t have to say a lot about these do I?? If you don’t have these you can’t easily achieve any of the other.

Then last but not least. LIFE IS TOO SHORT…And this is one I came to learn today in the hard way.(So I want to thank the man in my life ,you really mean a lot to me. Also to my dad thanks a lot.) sO JUST LIVE IT.

Comment and let me know what you are going to take to the new year ahead.. Would love to hear it!!!

To every one out there have a great new year and all of the best.

Just remember on the 20 TH OF JANUARY IS NATIONAL PENGUIN AWARENESS DAY AND PLEASE SUPPORT THE PIKKIES IN YOUR LIFE !! i am a pikkie(Penguin) by name so by supporting just subscribe !!!!!

XOXO Pikkie (Please do subscribe to my blog 🙂 )


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