…A plead to all out there…

This Picture is striking isn’t it ??


How about this one ??


I think God is guiding my hands to type this post. I am shaking I don’t know if it’s my heart breaking piece by piece or is it anger !!!

How could people do stuff like this ? It breaks my heart to think that the any human being is capable of something so crucial !! If you feel the need to do this to an animal give it away IMMEDIATLY !! Give it to some one who will take good care of it like it deserves !Give it to the Animal rescue ,who will find a good home for it !

This is me pleading to every one out there. Please ,please don’t do this. We need a better world to live in ,and they want it just as bad. So please if you are doing something like this …… SHAME ON YOU !!! If you know some one that is doing this or that can’t take care of their pet… Save them before it’s too late ,please!

..Don’t stand with your hands tied behind your back..

…Because their’s is already…


XOXO Pikkie


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