The anger rushes up and gives me a high. The aching words hits the ceiling in high pitch volume.

I yell the words without a try. I don’t want to be here. I don’ t want to feel this way.

Make it stop ,all of this fear make it go away.

The words just go with a flow as I wipe away a tear. I can see a red light.

I can see a breakdown near. The feeling is out of control.

It’s some sort of rush. I can feel it eating away on my soul.

But still I don’t hush. The words come and go.They hurt so much.

The words are powerful ,and express pain… Like pens bursting in my heart pocket.

Only leaving a stain.

I don’t want to hear it.

Just make it fade.

I don’t want to play. The ice queen of spade.

Take away the emptiness.

Take away the knife.

Take away the loneliness.

Take away my life.

Is it gone yet? While I crawl out from under my bed.

Is it safe to cry. Behind closed curtains..

While the question hang in the air, WHY ???


Witten by :  Pikkie x0x0x0




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