Be thankfull


When ever some body tells you to be thankful for what you have ,you sometimes just think to yourself….YEAH ,YEAH ,BLAH ,BLAH…

Well today I want to encourage all of you out there to take time and say thank you for what you have.

Here in South Africa at the moment are families who lost all of their belongings because of a flood ,most of all they lost family members and so did people across the world because of disasters that we have no control over.

So forget about your belongings and give a family member -that you almost forgot about- a call. Tell them you love and care for them and that you are thankful to know them ,because tomorrow might be too late..

To all out there who have lost something or some one ,my heart goes out to all of you and God bless.


XOXO Pikkie


2 thoughts on “Be thankfull

  1. We had an accident on our way to Durban Pikkie, and it gave me a new perspective. I am thankful that no-one was harmed and that I have the opportunity to tell the special people in my life how much they really mean to me. You are so right when you say tomorrow may be too late.

    • Hi
      Thank you for the comment. Thank goodness no one was hurt.
      I found it funny how we need reality checks like that to actually appreciate one another.
      But some times we just do need them. Things happens for reasons right ?
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.
      God bless you.

      XOXO Pikkie

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