I’m pregnant !!!!!

Finally I am pregnant after a whole bunch of bad luck came my way, but God kept me sane through it all and so did my fiance.

I was so ecstatic , and now I can’t wait for the due date. wich is in mid september 2011. Perfect timing for carrying a baby (In the winter) and to deliver (In spring). My fiance wanted a little girl. I thought ,you know what I would be happy with what ever the Lord decides to give us.

But deep down I wanted a little girl as well, but I would be happy if it’s a boy too. Who would be fussy over something they waited for ,for so long ?

On the 4th of April we found out it was a little girl 🙂 (We are so blessed).

So before we knew what it was my fiance and I had a list of both boy names as well as girl names. But now that we know that it’s a girl, it’s as if that list faded away.We now don’t have any ideas of girl names and have to start all over again.

I find that this is actually a serious matter for me.

Think about it . . .  How many of us is unhappy with our names? How many of us prefer our nicknames instead of introducing ourselves as what we are actually named ?

So now for me to decide my baby girls name is difficult, this is something she has to carry for the rest of her life (If she doesn’t change it ).

I always loved unique names, names that you don’t hear of every day. But the question is, would she ?

* What do YOU think? am I over thinking it? or did I give you a new perspective?

I would love to hear everybody thoughts on this one.

All my love

xoxo Pikkie


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