what the ?


wow ! It’s been so long now since I have posted ANYTHING-AGAIN !

So yeah here I am again…. AGAIN. 

I’m married now have so much more responsibilities since my daughter has been born. we’ve moved several times I can’t count any more. So somewhere in between all of this chaos I will try and blog again..

I have this weird case on my hands. My husband and I are almost married two years this december. When we got married on our marriage certificate my ‘new’ surname were only spelled with one L so we’ve sent it back and after several months we got the new certificate . So excited that everything is rectified at last I just put it away. now almost after having it for a year I found out not only was my name misspelled but I am not under my ‘new’ surname but rather on my maiden name !

I was extremely overwhelmed with anger. Yes we all make mistakes but I for instance ALWAYS double check when I am filling in a form to avoid future complications. And I triple check when I am filling in someone else’s forms for them. Its just standard procedure.

But we are not allowed to get mad when things like these happen. It’s just that we have to go sit in an endless line wasting precious time on paperwork that could have been done right from the beginning. And that my medical aid were suspended because non of what I say and what my I.D say or my marriage certificate are the same… Oh boy I just love being a newly wed ! with paper troubles to actually show that I am in fact married.

So to everybody out there getting married in a few days, weeks, months maybe years. No matter who did the paper work even if it was YOU double check it.

XoXo Pikkie


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