Testing AFFORDABLE cosmetics…

affHere’s the deal most of us won’t step out of the house without some make up on. Even though we do some times, we still want to look good on a night about town right? But who comes up with the prices of these cosmetic products, it’s ridiculous sometimes!

So for those who can’t afford MAC, YARDLEY, REVLON, etc. or can’t get a hold of Avon representatives, I went ahead and test some ‘AFFORDABLE’ ….yes affordable products. Some known (not WELL known) some not even heard about before. Most of them are available at some ‘china-shops’ nearby. So there is no reason for you to test it out for yourself.

Here is a list of the products that I got from a Korean cosmetic dealer:

NOTE : Not all of these products are made in Korea some are made in china, some in the Philippines, some even in France etc so don’t be scared of the places of origin or the products names.

~  Miss Five (Foundation, liquid eye liner, Mascara)

* Love miss five’s packaging!! Great products too

~  Aichun Beauty ( Lip repair)

* Works extremely well on severe dry and chapped lips

~  Seliela (Lipstick & lip-gloss)

* Loving the fact that you can put on lipstick and flip it around to put on matching gloss too

~  Mijona ( Foundation & Eye shadow)

* Lots of colors to choose from and the foundation is very smooth

~  Aifeier (XXL  volume + length Mascara)

~ This is a saver for people with short lashes, this truly gives volume

~  Aifeiya ( Magnum Volume Express Mascara & Liquid Eye liner)

* Love this products and it comes in true Asian culture packaging

~  Burjios (Eye liner stick)

* This is my fav its so easy to apply and it goes on so smoothly

~  Tru color (Mascara long lash)

* Just like any ordinary Mascara (Just cheaper J )

~  Rose honey (Eye shadow)

* Awesome packaging and colors too

~  Aili Kiss ( Foundation stick)

* Looks so chick and is smooth too

~  Jialiqi (Waterproof Mascara & Waterproof eye liner)

*Average eye liner and mascara

~  Ruilla ( Lip Gloss)

* Great flavors available to choose from

~  Eye ( False eyelash adhesive)

* Sticks perfectly and lasts till you take the lashes off. Don’t know about the waterproof part yet (Who goes swimming with lashes on? Please let me know J )

~  Baolishi ( Lipgloss, both liquid and plain eyeliner)

* Very chick and victorian type of packaging , the lipgloss is true Asian style and comes in great flavors

~  Yabaolian- truth love (Foundation)

* Very smooth and soft

~  Hualiya (Oil Free Foundation)

* Truly is soft on the skin and NOT OILY at all

Little more well known products :

  • My Look ( Lipstick & Lipgloss)
  • Essence (Eyeshadow, Gel Eye liner, Blush stain)
  • Beaute ( Foundation)
  • Lip ice (Jellos)
  • Yardley (Stayfast Gloss nail polish)

And my overall opinion:

These products are great! I have tested every one of them personally so far and I took my research a little further. Most of the cosmetics are NOT tested on animals… YAY!! But a little red light came up in some of the Korean products. 11 out of 12 whitening products ,like some foundations has shockingly a high mercury level which ranged from 1,085 to 28,600 ppm in breach of the country’s regulatory limits. So keep an eye open if it has the word whitening somewhere in it, and especially if it’s applied directly to the skin.

So back to the ‘YAY’ part of the story. It’s affordable, easy to get your hands on. And you can take two because it’s so cheap. Go share your secret with your friends and let them test it too.

Just do check the back for all of the ingredients listed, in case you are allergic or sensitive to it. If you don’t know if you are, test it on a small part of your neck or on the back of your hand.

So the truth is:

~ You don’t have to spend so much money on cosmetics

~ And yeah your friends may brag with their ‘branded products’ which makes yours just exotic and one of a kind.

~ Don’t be shy to be the only one using these products, be unique, be the one who introduces your friends to it. And who knows you might even make some pocket money while doing it as well.

~ The packagings are so beautiful, stylish, unique and cute too.

~ And yes it’s true you pay for quality in the ‘branded’ products but who says these brands are not quality? It’s up to you to decide.

But for now… I’m doing my make up with a smile. And yes I even have some change left to go out and show of my effortless yet inexpensive look!!


XoXo Pikkie


4 thoughts on “Testing AFFORDABLE cosmetics…

  1. I really appreciate your post. I live in Jamaica and just picked up the Hualiya foundation and came online to see the reviews (almost unheard of). Tried it on and I must say for a dark girl I find it difficult to find my hue. It was better that alright and the price- AMAZING!!! Gonna stock up!

    • Its my pleasure. You will find that it has a smooth texture to it. I just love finding, buying and using these unknown products. Why not test it out right ?? And most of them are just amazing products. Like I said… looking good for less 🙂 I have to say I just love blogging ! Because it brings people from all over the world together. I am from SA so its great to hear from you. XoXo Pikkie

  2. I bought Miss Five mascara and im from South Africa, I was not sure about it I tried it on at the shop but I had doubts but I bought it anyway,when I put it on the following day I was lyk Wow it looks perfect and now I introduced it to my friends and they like it too, now they call me face of Miss Five

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