The Forbidden subject… SEX. :) Part 1


Okay !

I am actually stepping over the taboo border!

New subject is: SEX!

I mean why not talk about it? It is the twenty first century right?

Okay so I am going to do a few blog entries with a few tips or just some information that I found interesting or rather useful.

So if you are ‘under-age’ I will advise you to rather Google games or winny the pooh. Because this is not meant for your eyes. Or at least not yet.

So for the perfect foreplay before the actual blog entries, here are some erotic reads, if you’re not reader! Pass them on to your spouse. Researchers show that erotic literatures are actually a great way to spark things up in bed. You have to actually Paint your own little picture in your head. Who knew we could come up with all these kind of images? Don’t know what I am talking about?

Read these:

On top of the list is 50 shades of grey trilogy written by E.L James of course. I find only the first book quite interesting. The rest are more of a story with sex and not sex with a story if you know what I mean.

Dom of my dreams Written by: M.F Sinclair

Diary of Anis Nin

A groom of one’s own .Written by: Maya Rodale

Lust in the library. Written by: Amalia Fayer

The claiming of sleeping beauty. Written by: Anne Rice

Aqua Erotica. Written by: Marry Anne Mohanraj

Seducing Sara. Written by: Jinx Jamison

Lady Sophie’s Lover. Written by: Lisa Kleypas


XoXo Pikkie

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