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Hi There

Well I am a young woman, inlove with the most wonderfull man on this planet. I have the most beautifull baby Girls, to whom I would give the world and more.

My passion is music and Photography. There is no words to be spoken when you you capture that one moment in time wich you will never have again, its like freezing time and going back to that moment everytime you look at the photo. . . Art at its best. Anyone can take Picture (DUH !!) but it takes a true artist to attach the sentimental value to it. To see it as something way more than just a photo. Its a memory, a lost moment, a captured moment. A TREASSURE.

So next time you take a photo, sit down and think what does it mean to you. Sometimes its more than just a photo.

About me ? I was born in Vereeninging and raised in a small town called Bethulie. Went from young and recless to something more, something called responsible.Got pregnant, had a beautifull girl… and another. and then got married to a wonderfull man.

We now go where ever our destiny wants us to go, as long as I have them with me, I would go anywhere in the world. .

Love my familie and love my life !!!



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