Thé dream job BABY

Go ahead, ask me what i do for a living… I dare you ! I got a call the other day from one of those, – i’m- gonna -sell-random-weird-stuff-to-you-over-the-phone… and ofcourse she wanted to know what i do for a living. My response? “I’m a stay at home mom.” “Ooh wow, thats luxury. I’d love […]

Second or third wife syndrome ?

Second -wife/husband -or -third wife/husband -syndrome? A well discussed subject! The reason why I chose to do an entry about this is because I am a third wife myself and i have been asked countless times about this and all that comes with it! What a tough position to be in right? But it doesn’t […]

Welcome lil’ one *

Wow, what an amazing feeling to see another addition added to the world or the family right?? This post goes out to my cousin and her hubby and their beautiful baby girl chanel. Welcome to the world little one, I know you will be spoiled rotten! To Roelien and Johan. Congrats on being parents for […]

Testing AFFORDABLE cosmetics…

Here’s the deal most of us won’t step out of the house without some make up on. Even though we do some times, we still want to look good on a night about town right? But who comes up with the prices of these cosmetic products, it’s ridiculous sometimes! So for those who can’t afford […]

what the ?

wow ! It’s been so long now since I have posted ANYTHING-AGAIN ! So yeah here I am again…. AGAIN.  I’m married now have so much more responsibilities since my daughter has been born. we’ve moved several times I can’t count any more. So somewhere in between all of this chaos I will try and […]